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How to Encourage Positive Reviews for Your Business

In the busy world we live in, getting customers to take time to provide positive reviews can be challenging. Some don’t have time to post any type of review, while others intend to provide one, but then forget about it later. Business owners can encourage customers to post positive reviews by following tips like these.

Give away freebies

Companies that offer occasional small free items or services are always valued by their customers. For example, a car body shop that fixes small scratches or loose bumpers for free typically get five-star ratings from their customers. Stores that hand out candy to kids for holidays are also appreciated.

Offer stellar customer service

Prompt feedback and courteous communication are important attributes that impress any customer. Use telephone and department systems that reduce or eliminate long waits, and make sure customer service reps are adequately trained and equipped with up-to-date information to be helpful. Speedy resolution of issues and clear answers to questions leave positive impressions with clients and customers. A pleasant tone of voice is helpful, along with a patient and caring attitude.

Make review forms available

For onsite customers, keep a supply of print review forms available at the checkout station where they can be easily seen and quickly filled out before the customer leaves the store. On the company website, provide an easy-to-find link on the homepage, possibly accompanied by a smiling emoticon, to help customers easily find and complete an online review form or connect directly to sites like Yelp or Angie’s List.

Offer incentives

While avoiding ethical issues associated with paying for reviews with discounts, gifts, etc., you may want to set up a basket of mints or free pencils on the counter near the review forms. Online, the tab for “reviews” might be located near the one marked “Discounts” or “Coupons”. There should not be a direct connection, but positive associations may encourage customers to submit an upbeat review. Featuring the review in the company viewbook or clipping and displaying it in a prominent reception area may also encourage customers to post online or print reviews.

Companies that value customers’ feedback tend to receive positive comments on print and online review forms. Making the connection to the review site easily accessible helps customers to take the extra step of completing a positive review. Employees might also remind customers when they mention the review option that submitted comments can help to improve future experiences with the company for everyone.

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