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Good Consumer Review Sites

A survey by BrightLocal recorded that 88 percent of people rely on online ratings as a personal recommendation. These recommendations show that most people are more interested in what others say about a brand than what it says about itself. Since most businesses offer an online platform, comments from customers have diverse effects on them. It is, therefore, essential to have trusted reviews that reflect the state of a certain enterprise. Reliable review sites are rare but paramount to both merchants and consumers. Below are a few review sites.

Sitejabber is an online review site that allows consumers to search, find great online enterprises and also avoid frauds. It has over 850,000 members, and their customer reviews are over 58,000 comments daily bases on different online companies. The site allows its clients and customers to search reviews, write a review, report complaints and frauds. Their website also has a category where it rates the top online business as per their customer’s choice. These comments are paramount for most shoppers.

The Trustpilot review site is as trustworthy as its name suggests. It believes that sharing experiences will build trust amongst customers and companies and ensure transparency – which is true. It offers a vast range of businesses where one can read or write reviews. It also comes with its chrome application as an alternative to the website. Statistics have proven that most consumers prefer using mobile applications as opposed to websites due to the benefits tagged along.

Reseller Ratings is another great online review website that has been active for 15 years. It provides recommendations for companies and customers and offers discoveries for upcoming merchants. It provides an interactive forum where retailers can respond to their reviewers. The site allows companies to build bridges with their shoppers. The site’s community carries out investigations to discover illegal practices that are carried out by some online companies, proving to be beneficial to victims of online scams. It also offers alerts when a fake reviewer posts something against a company. This makes the site very reliable to both consumers and businesses.

Initially, companies would rely on word of mouth, but today social media and review sites have replaced it. Online reviews have proven to be paramount to online shoppers as well as companies since they cover a larger population. Buyers now with the reference from this sites can make more informed decisions on where to access products and services. Companies will increase the quality of their goods and services as a response to consumer’s review comments. Great review sites are therefore vital in this digital age.

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