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Apple MacBook Pro vs. Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports, which is one of the most renowned publications that performs tests on laptops and other electronic devices, has said that Apple’s new Macbook Pros may have a number of problems that new owners should keep in mind. Among these problems are numerous inconsistencies with the laptop’s battery life, which can limit long-term and short-term performance.

As such, this development makes the newest laptop develop by Apple also one of the first to not receive a rating of recommended by Consumer Reports. In the blog post, the professionals behind the group have said that they performed tests on a number of different models, including the 13-inch MacBook Pro that does not include a Touch Bar, and also the 15- and 13-inch models that do include the Touch Bar.

Consumer Report’s reviewers have said that the battery life results for each of the laptops was largely inconsistent. One of the laptops had a battery that ran for 16 hours, while another ran for 12.75 hours. Other laptops ran for only 4.5 hours, 3.75 hours and 18.5 hours. Later on, the laptop that ran for 18.5 only ran for 8 hours after another trial run. These laptops were tested over a number of different runs, and each time the results were largely variant and inconsistent, which could raise some concerns for reviewers.

Though such concerns may showcase issues to watch out for, there are some doubts about the quality of the testing itself. Apple has not claimed that any of the laptops were supposed to get around 19 hours of battery life, so the tests that showed this large amount of battery life pressed questions in a number of interested individuals. However, a well-known fact is that Safari does get better battery life than Chrome, which shows that the tests involving both of these programs resulted in obvious disparities between the laptops themselves.

The spec sheets for these laptops from Apple promised that the laptops would only get 10 hours of battery life, which meant that though some of the testing was not conclusive, other instances of testing were. If the laptop only gets approximately eight hours of battery life, it is still a definite concern that potential buyers should keep in mind before they grab the laptop for themselves.

Like with any other laptops, it is strongly recommended for individuals to plan ahead according to their needs and begin browsing through reviews to make the best purchase. Some of the more inconclusive tests may indicate that individuals should be sure to check out different review websites as well.

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