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How to Respond to a Bad Review

Customer reviews pose a serious threat to the reputation of any business. Several years ago, a customer who was not satisfied with your services could tell about ten people about the bad experience. Today, such customers can reach out to millions of people. As a result, businesses should not sit and wait. Instead, they need to come up with effective techniques that can allow them to respond to negative reviews online and offline. Here are tips on how to handle negative reviews.

Stay calm

Don’t lose your cool when responding to negative reviews. Many customers will develop respect for the business if you respond in a helpful and pleasant manner. The temptation to fire back can be strong, especially when you have channeled all your resources into the business. Resist the temptation, and take a moment and collect your thoughts. Reach out to the person who wrote the review and let him know that you understand his frustration. Explain your side of the story in a polite way.

Do not be defensive

You should know that the customer is always right even if it is obvious he is wrong. Do not come up with a defensive mechanism. Instead, flip the script. Use the review to highlight the strengths of your business. Begin by apologizing to the customer for the bad experience. Indicate that your company has been in business for a given period. Highlight how the business has served hundreds or thousands of customers in the community. Tell him how you strive to create the best possible customer experience.

Take the review as an opportunity to improve

Most negative reviews are from real customers who have had a bad experience. The bad experience could mean that a component of your customer service does not work well. Contact the customer and get his side of the story. Use the feedback to evaluate your business processes and identify the components that need improvement. This way, you show other customers that you care about them. You will also avoid similar problems in the future.

Don’t Reply to Every Review

Some experts say to respond to all reviews even if they are from those who have malicious intentions. No matter how effective your customer service is, you will occasionally encounter negative reviews. The best thing is to respond and try as much as you can to settle the matter. We advise that you look at the site where the review is posted. If the review is coming from a malicious gripe site it may be best to ignore it and not respond. Companies like Kyäni monitor review sites for positive and negative reviews. They like many other business use a smart approach to customer reviews, responding when appropriate and always taking care of the customers.

Incorporate customer satisfaction in your policy

Make customer satisfaction a company policy and ensure the employees adhere to it. Come up with a clear guideline as to what should be done in case there is a dissatisfied customer. For instance, you can empower your employees to rebuild trust with dissatisfied customers by offering refunds or sending flowers.

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